When I was around 6 years old my grandfather Barney Broom – the third generation in the line of family boat builders ‘Broom Boats‘ (Britain’s oldest boatbuilder) – taught me how to use my hands to make small boats and I have been making things ever since.

Working for several years as a cabinetmaker making bespoke luxury furniture for private and commercial clients, I became interested in the relationship between furniture and art and started to explore my artistic passion for the creation of unique sculptural pieces.

I believe that:

– Form is as important as function. This has often been ignored due to the primacy of manufacture over design.
– Uniqueness should be embraced as a reaction to mass production’s ubiquity.
– Styles and trends should be avoided.
– The boundaries between design, craft and art should be destroyed.

I feel that this is best achieved by using the highest quality materials and craft techniques; experimenting extensively; producing work that gets better with age and use; and constantly testing assumptions about what furniture and art should be.

All my limited edition pieces are made by hand which means every piece created is unique. All the materials I use are personally selected by me and used in such a way that no two pieces will ever be the same. For example, where wood is used, I personally go to the lumber yard and go through thousands of slabs of timber to select the best quality pieces for my work. Where “wet” materials are used (such as concrete) I hand mix and pour it, which ensures that all my work is individual.