MADE WITH LEATHER event photos:

MADE WITH LEATHER exhibition @ PLAYGROUND LONDON 16 – 18 June 2017 with Dominique Krauch, Katrin Sikora, Sabine Roth, and Jule Waibel


CLIFFS from MegreTable photoshoot:




Modernism/mass production set in motion a design trend that often sees design as a function of manufacture. This has frequently led to ubiquity in (furniture/interior) design

Production and style trends have resulted in many things looking the same

Homogeneity in design, however refined, ultimately creates blandness

Mass-production techniques have often relinquished quality in favour of price


Uniqueness should be embraced. Regarding interiors, if every room in a city was the same, even if thought beautiful, they would become prison cells. Heterogeneity makes spaces and, ultimately, furniture can be used to fulfil that function

Styles should be ignored. When designing, the “Function – Form – Material – Designer” relationship should present itself as a whole. Instead of forcing a design to follow a trend/movement/style, the piece should dictate it’s own final form and represent an equally important weight given to each of those elements

The primacy of the “piece” over manufacturing capabilities

Furniture as a way of introducing sculpture into a space – functional art as opposed to streamlined utility

Form being as important as function

Pieces that are enriched as they age. Pieces that will last for generations

Quality manufacture and materials