Paper Plastic

300gsm watercolour paper infused with rapid setting plastic combine to create strong, light, and unique forms.

Liquid Plastic Chair + Coffee Table

Developing the first Liquid Plastic series, these pieces continue to explore plastic as a sculptural medium.


Two tables fuse together to challenge the function a coffee table has come to provide.

Liquid Plastic

Made for Form&Seek at Milan Design Week, these pieces challenge the narrative that plastic is disposable, consumable, and mass produced.

Variation Study

These lamp tables of Black Walnut and concrete are the result of a study into an idea that: even within a set of rules, there is infinite potential for variation.

Sapele Brut

‘Beton Brut’=‘Raw Concrete’=the idea that materials are used in their unfinished or raw state. This concept was used heavily in the 1960s and 70s architecture which became known as Brutalism and is the inspiration for the Sapele Brut pieces.


Bringing contrapposto into furniture design. American black walnut and maple provide contrasting shades to highlight the angles and feeling of movement in the pieces.