Liquid Plastic Chair + Coffee Table

Made for Future Heritage 2017 at Decorex, the Liquid Plastic Coffee Table and Chair continue to explore plastic as a sculptural medium. By using a composite of rigid expanding foam and marble dust, the pieces allow the material to largely dictate their form.




The pieces are made from a very dense polyurethane foam mixed with marble dust. Polyurethane foam is a thermosetting polymer in two parts. When the parts are mixed together a reaction occurs and the resulting liquid sets very rapidly. This type of foam comes in varying degrees of hardness – it is commonly available for building applications and is relatively soft but it is also possible to produce a polyurethane foam capable of withstanding massive pressures (>400kg/m3).

Marble dust (calcium carbonate CaCO²) is made from pure marble rock and is no larger than 150 microns in particle size. The dust is a byproduct of the marble industry.


The composite created for these pieces has a very short working life – it must be poured within minutes and changes it’s structural properties avery second. This meant there was a very specific window in which it could be poured. Initialy, this appeared to be a constraint, but it soon became an integral part of the designs and led to the creation of each unique piece.