Lowry London


We approach the design of our furniture primarily as craftsmen, with a focus on longevity and simplicity. This comes from a deep understanding of wood and a belief that subtle, elegant forms will endure. We constantly monitor our supply chain to ensure quality and pay meticulous attention to sustainability – which even extends to the glues and waxes we use.


Our design ethos revolves around utility and practicality. We keep our pieces neat, minimal, and functional, and allow the wood and craft techniques to be appreciated as an integral part of the work.
Made Locally
We are proud to make our pieces in small batches in the UK to ensure the highest quality standards. We're honoured that, as our supply chain has been verified to be so UK focused, we have been approved to use the "Made In Britain" logo.
Real Hardwood
We refuse to contribute to the "fast furniture" industry and so we do not use any synthetic MDF or man made boards. We source the best natural woods from select, local, FSC-verified timber merchants here in the UK.
Natural Finishes
We make our own natural finish, which we use on many of our products, using locally collected bees wax and walnut oil (other oils often contain heavy metal drying catalysts). Where a harder finish is required, we ensure to only use those that are water based and do not contain high VOC's (volatile organic compounds).
Built for life
We design furniture as cabinetmakers. This is to say that we go into great detail engineering our designs with a centuries-old understanding of wood to allow it to work the way it should by incorporating tolerances for seasonal expansion into our designs and joinery techniques.
For every product we sell, no matter how small, we plant a tree. We also go to great effort to source all materials from as close to our workshop as possible and use a carbon neutral delivery firm for all of our packaged products.