Lowry London


Founder Richard Lowry


We feel the responsibility of our impact very strongly at Lowry London so for every product we sell, no matter how small, we plant a tree. We also go to great effort to try to source all materials from as close to our workshop as possible. The majority of the wood we use is from either the UK or Europe.

We make our own natural finish which we use on many of our products using locally collected bees wax and walnut oil. Where we use harder finishes we ensure to only use those that are water based and do not contain high VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

We have decided to ban MDF from our workshop. Even though it is legal and not controlled in the UK, to anybody that has ever worked with it the dust seems too likely to be hazardous to be worth the risk anymore. Additionally, the extra processes required to convert natural wood to man made board seem like an unnecessary waste to us. The benefit of MDF is that it’s cheap, flat, and stable, but the mixture of wood pulp and formaldehyde resin required to achieve this is not something we are comfortable supporting. Instead, we go to great pains to properly design our furniture to allow wood to work the way it should by incorporating tolerances for seasonal expansion into our designs and joinery techniques.