Lowry London

Free Back Chair

The Free Back Chair is constructed from ash which has been scorched to turn it a jet black colour. This wood provides an extremely strong strength to weight ratio meaning the chair is very light but also very stable.

As the name suggests, the chair is constructed in such a way that the back is ‘floating’ – it is supported by the front legs and so does not require the back legs to rise up through the seat. The legs are tapered and shaped with an increasing chamfer which creates a feeling of elegance in the piece. The back and seat are pure white tanned–leather which is very durable and creates a stark contrast to the frame. The joinery consists of through and double tenons which ensure the joints remain true and are up to the apical standards of all Lowry London works.


Wood: Ash – scorched
Seat: Tanned leather
Joinery: Through tenons, double tenons, tenons
Finish: Oil and varnish blend