Lowry London

Alcove Table – Fulham

This black walnut table was made to fit into a kitchen alcove space. The construction consists of a series of 45 degree mitres which meet at the joint between the legs, the top, and the aprons.

Turned Side Table – Fulham

This side table is made from solid black American walnut. The top is inlayed with ebony and with an ebony stringing on the edge. To build up the diameter of the base, several large slabs of walnut were laminated together to create a piece large enough to shape into the conical form on the lathe. The top is connected with a wedged through–tenon making an immensely strong joint that will not loosen over time.

Concrete Slab – Weybridge

Solid black walnut tapered legs and a central beam construct an immensely strong base on this table. The walnut slats provide a contemporary design aesthetic to support the top which consists of three concrete slabs hand poured, hand polished, and hand worked engendering a deep colouring within the concrete which continues the Lowry London ethos of treating contemporary materials with the same application of craft skills as those of their traditional counterparts.

Steel and Walnut Dining Table – London

Constructed from black walnut, the base of this high dining table uses wedged through-tenons to create an extremely strong frame that will last for centuries. The table was very large and so utilises knock down joinery to allow the base to be disconnected for future transportation. The top is folded stainless steel which gives a modern look and a most durable working surface.

Scorched Oak Console Table – Weybridge

With a solid maple slab top inlaid with ebony edging this console table contrasts the light blonde wood by using a "scorched" solid oak base. The finish is a French polish which produces a brilliant sheen and gives depth whilst providing a time-honoured durability to the surface.

Stools – East London

This project was a collaboration with the Curated Space PLAYGROUND LONDON in Dalston. We wanted to design some chairs that would perform multifunctional operations which were to be able to be stacked to make a set of tables for events and functions and also to be used as stools to sit at and work at a desk when in daily use.