Lowry London


Alongside making sustainable high quality furniture for sale, we also provide bespoke woodworking services for design, gallery and trade clients who want something unique or fitted at our London-based workshop. Whether it is adjusting one of our designs to fit a larger or smaller space, making something in a unique wood, choosing the wood type or making a totally new design for a project our workshop is equipped in a way to accommodate any small or large-scale services. Below a selection of examples of projects which have been realised.

Sapele Coffee Table + Chair – Barbican Centre

Sapele coffee table we designed and made for a client in the Barbican centre. ‘Beton Brut’ = ‘Raw Concrete’ = the idea that materials are used in their unfinished or raw state. This concept was used heavily in the 1960s and 70s architecture that became known as Brutalism.

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Set of 4 Walnut Lamp Tables – London

Walnut and concrete Lamp Tables using hand cut through tenon joinery.

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Slant Table and Chair

The Slant series is designed around the idea and form of contrapposto a classical sculpture posing to create a feeling of movement. For this limited edition run, I chose two different woods – fumed walnut (the darker wood) and maple (the lighter) which was hand select and worked through every stage by us. These woods for their contrasting colour properties so they would highlight the different angles and planes in the design.

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Alcove Table – Fulham

A series of 45 degree mitres meet at the joint between the legs, the top, and the aprons for this custom-made walnut alcove table we made recently for a client in Fulham.

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Turned Side Table – London

Solid black walnut turned side table. The top is connected with a wedged through–tenon making an immensely strong joint that will not loosen over time.

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Steel and Walnut Dining Table – London

Constructed from black walnut, the base of this high dining table uses wedged through-tenons to create an extremely strong frame that will last for centuries. The table was very large and so utilises knock down joinery to allow the base to be disconnected for future transportation. The top is folded stainless steel which gives a modern look and a most durable working surface.

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Liquid Plastic Console Table – Hampshire

Liquid Plastic console table commission for the largest Huf House in the UK.

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Concrete Slab – Weybridge

Solid black walnut tapered legs and a central beam construct an immensely strong base on this table. The walnut slats provide a contemporary design aesthetic to support the top which consists of three concrete slabs hand poured, hand polished, and hand worked engendering a deep colouring within the concrete which continues the Lowry London ethos of treating contemporary materials with the same application of craft skills as those of their traditional counterparts.

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