Lowry London


Paper Plastic – Side Tables

First shown as part of the Future Heritage collection at Decorex, the Paper Plastic pieces create unique shapes by using paper infused with plastic which is ‘cast’ from the inside out and sets rapidly to create very strong, very light forms.

Liquid Plastic – Coffee Table + Chair

The Liquid Plastic Coffee Table and Chair continue to explore plastic as a sculptural medium. By using a composite of rigid expanding foam and marble dust, the pieces allow the material to largely dictate their form.

Liquid Plastic – Side Tables

These pieces were made for Form&Seek’s ‘Age of Man’ exhibition in Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week and are the result of an observation of our relationship with materials – particularly plastics. Generally, plastic products are considered disposable, consumable, and mass produced. The impact to the earth is often a wasteful pattern of consumption. This model results from our current psychology in that we consume without really caring for those object and its production, but that we are in pursuit of the endless circle of consumption.

My pieces are designed to challenge that narrative. To do this I started to relook at plastic and see it as something that I could use in a sculptural manner. I create a composite of liquid plastic (known as growing foam), marble dust, and pigment. The material has a very short setting time and is extremely durable afterwards. The restriction on it’s manipulation became an integral part of the designs. My works take a material that commonly perceived as ugly and disposable into something that is not mass produced, but crafted and unique.

Variation Study – Lamp Tables

This series is a study into how variance can be achieved within a set of defined specifications. I was inspired by a quote from Frank Lloyd Wright which got me thinking how important individuality is and how repetitive manufacturing processes can sacrifice this need.

“There should be as many (styles) of houses as there are kinds (styles) of people and as many differentiations as there are different individuals". – F.L.W

Sapele Brut – Coffee Table + Chair

‘Beton Brut’ = ‘Raw Concrete’ = the idea that materials are used in their unfinished or raw state. This concept was used heavily in the 1960s and 70s architecture that became known as Brutalism and, for this limited edition run, I used these concepts to guide the design.

Slant Table and Chair

I designed the Slant series around the idea of contrapposto from classical sculpture to create a feeling of movement and, for this limited edition run, I chose two different woods – fumed walnut (the darker wood) and maple (the lighter) which I personally hand select and work through every stage. I chose these woods for their contrasting colour properties so they would highlight the different angles and planes in the design.

The pieces are signed and imprinted with the edition number.

Handmade to order.