Lowry London

Merge Table

The MergeTable began from observing the way people use coffee tables these days. One of the most important functions of the table is often to put feet up. In today’s world, one also often only needs a surface large enough to hold a laptop or tablet. From that observation, the MergeTable was born. I decided to try and make two separate tables for the two functions identified into one piece – a comfortable leather cushioned part for feet and legs, and a concrete surfaced section for working.

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The concrete in this piece is worked extensively. Cast in a mold and then finished with various different coats to create a natural hand finished piece that is always unique. I enjoy using materials that are often used in an industrial way and adapting them to become handcrafted pieces.

The piece also uses a vegetable tanned leather and cherry wood. Cherry is a beautiful golden brown hardwood that provides an amazing chatoyance. The bottom rail of the piece offsets what would be the smaller table’s stretcher so as to ‘merge’ the two tables. This part is connected with walnut dowels that can be seen as a contrast to the cherry and proudly display some of the joinery in the piece.