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Slant – Side Table + Chair

The ’Slant’ pieces avoid the use of conventional components (such as ‘legs’) and explore new ways to produce the required function (i.e. sitting or providing a surface for something). The pieces use the idea of Contrapposto from classical sculpture to create a feeling of movement. The two different woods used are Black Walnut (the darker wood) and Maple (the blonde wood). I chose the two for their contrasting colour properties so as to highlight the different angles and planes in the pieces.

Material + Process

Black Walnut is a dark hardwood. It is one of the most beautiful woods to work with as a furniture maker and provides a very deep grain pattern when finished correctly. It has good dimensional stability, is shock resistant, and has good strength properties.

Maple is a very hard blonde wood and is primarily the tree tapped for maple syrup. Unlike most other woods, Maple lumber most commonly uses the sapwood of the tree rather than it’s heartwood. The sapwood color ranges from white to a cream colour. Maple has natural antibacterial properties.

The pieces are finished with a blend of Tung oil, Linseed oil, and varnish that I make. The oil penetrates deep into the wood and provides a deep finish like no other. The varnish protects the wood’s surface from everyday wear and tear. I then rub on a homemade wax blend of bee’s wax and carnauba wax. Bee’s wax is slightly softer and has a nice sheen, whilst carnauba wax is a very hard wax made from plant leaves that works very well to protect the piece.