Lowry London

The bespoke process is always a deeply collaborative one. An idea can spring up from anywhere and my aim is to help you develop that idea into a design that will be enjoyed for many generations to come.

The process begins with a consultation in which we discuss what you would like. I take extensive notes, measurements, and sketches and come back to you with an initial round of concept drawings from which you can choose and eliminate particular aspects as per your liking.

We then refine the chosen route and add some construction and joinery elements and details. When these have been approved you are presented with a photo-realistic rendering which can be adjusted and finally signed off before laying down the final piece.

I then get to work on the build. I go to the lumber yard (you are always more than welcome to come along) and personally select the best slabs of wood for your furniture. I bring them back to the workshop and start milling them down from timber to usable plank.

In my studio I apply only the highest quality craft techniques and use time–tested proper joinery methods to ensure the design is constructed to the very highest standards available before it leaves my shop and goes out to be enjoyed for many years to come.

For more information please contact me in the contact section or by clicking here to discuss your project. I am always happy to come and look at a project and I welcome workshop visits. Thank you!