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We source the highest quality solid white oak to make our Utility Tables. The benefits of oak are plenty - visually beautiful it also possess immense strength due to it’s natural structural properties.

Our master craftspeople expertly create dovetail joints to lock the sides in place and prevent any wobble. We hate the idea of “fast-furniture” so we design and make your pieces here in the U.K. to the highest possible standards that ensure it will last several generations.

Wood is a natural material which must be understood to produce well-made furniture. Our pieces are designed by cabinetmakers who actually work with the wood daily and understand it's movement, strengths, and weaknesses. Two stretchers brace the underside of the Utility Table to reinforce the long surface and further bond the sides together which ensures that it can endure heavy use. The wood is actually cut into four lengths which are then rotated and glued together to make the width. This process would be ignored by many, but it strengthens the wood and greatly prevents unwanted movement. On the sides, thumb holes let you carry the piece as a tray or feed cables through for charging your phone when used as a table. The minimal design also allows it to be neatly slotted underneath other furniture like beds, sofas, and coffee tables.

A truly multifunctional piece of furniture: stool, side table, tray, toddler seat, step-up, desk riser, butler tray, foot stool, laptop sofa tray. The possibilities are endless.

We constantly monitor our supply chain to make sure we are sourcing our woods ethically and minimising our carbon footprint. But we also go one step further to guarantee we replace more than we use so for every product we sell we plant a tree in a managed woodland to ensure that they grow safely and go on to capture carbon and be enjoyed for many generations to come.

UK within 10 – 14 days.

If you change your mind or are unhappy with the product just send it back to us within 30 days for a full refund

Natural materials, minimal design, expertly constructed for a lifetime of daily use.

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